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The british newspaper "The Guardian" wrote: ",,,The Casa de Espíritus Alegres (house of happy spirits) in Marfil, a village just outside, was a silver-processing hacienda in the 1700s, and is now a magical hotel so full of folk art..."


In the heart of Guanajuato, luxury  hotel "Casa de espiritus alegres" offers exclusive accommodation for travellers looking for a peaceful haven within easy reach of the city’s delights. The beautifully restored buildingi s set on a magic and peacefull  old hacienda of picturesque colonial gardens. under the shade of ancient trees. A relaxing hideaway in pure surroundings.


The property, which includes a nine-bedroom old hacienda building, with a big kitchen, embraces both the heritage of the hacienda lifestyle and its inherent connection to the colonial Guanajuato and, while honoring rustic simplicity, growth, modesty and transience.

The interior décor features expertly selected antiques, elegant furniture and rustic details, making guests feel completely at home for the duration of their stay at "Casa de espiritus alegres".

Get the best service on Guanajuato at this family-run hotel in a beautifull ambient...


Get deep to the spicy mexican life


Every room has its unique taste from this antique "Hacienda".

Nine rooms to welcome you with beautiful decor and colorful furniture...

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You will love every scene of this magic city. Just only ten minutes

to Guanajuato historc center, to discover an enchanted town...

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 Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn the art

of Mezcal tasting, a unique experience from our selection

from Oaxaca...

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We have a variety of selected music shows and

art exhibitions....
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Have a glimpse of the mood within this ancient Hacienda
that awaits to be discovered...
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At Casa de Espiritus Alegres we can handle

your special event with the love you deserve...
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  Looking for a relax experience, you are to the perfect place

to find the best massages, hot stone massage,

Reiki, swedish massage and quiromassage.
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We offer a variety of artisan and organics products

to satisfy the most demanding clients.
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Find the Mexican flavor in our selected products

We offer four differents Mezcal.

Organic Mexican Coffee from Chiapas.

Art and Music allways present at "Casa de Espíritus Alegres"


Marfil, 36251 Marfil, Guanajuato, GTO, México

Phone:01 473 690 9785