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From Tepeztate Maguey, this Agave from the specie Marmorata, his name is derived from “Tepetl”,

meaning mountain in Náhuatl, making reference to its location on hills and cliffs. It can be found on

low jungles in the Sierra Madre del sur, from the oriental extreme to the isthmuss of Tehuantepec.
The Tepeztate Mezacal has a soft flavor with bitter notes of the plant and a light body, making it ideal

to enjoy before the meals and teasing your appetite.

The Agave angustifolia owes its name to the Latin word “Angusti”,refering to the long and

narrow leaves. We find big plantations in Oaxaca on La Sierra Alta to the Pacific Ocean, it has a big

ptoduction of sugar and ripening fast (about 7 years)
The Espadín has a powerful body, with bitter stints on the plant and acids from the fibers.

It keeps a good balance between the salty and sweet notes, this Maguey is the standard of the Mexican industry of Mezcal.

The Tobalá is a type of maguey from wich is made a distilled call "toba" meaning maguey and "la"

wich means hot or aromatic in zapoteco, is well known as "The King of Mezcales", it's not easy to find 

this type of Maguey, is located on the mountains and places hard to reach.
Aside from this facts, when drinking this Mezcal will give you tikles on your throat to cure you from

sorrows and vanish fears and call for courage.

The Agave Cuishe o Karwinskii, is a kind that limits its distribution to dry areas on the Valle de Tehuacán and the central valleys of Oaxaca, between 750 y

2000 meters high. This Mezcal is aromatic, always leaving a bitter after-tastingn. It is a privilege to drink the mezcal Cuishe cause it takes 12 years to cut this agave, also it takes a special process on its elaboration, and is not produced in all Mexico.












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